Igor Kadir

Current Gear:
Gibson BFG "11"
Dimarzio X2N // Gibson P-90
TonePort GX/UX-1
Listens to:
Trivium, Porcupine Tree, Archive, Muse, Placebo

About me:
I play the guitar for a few years, solo since I left my hometown and moved to Cracow. Last band: Hybris, where I played as a rythm guitarist.

I record using all the benefits that computer can give me. Beside obvious simulations of drums and base I use piano, or philharmonic instruments such as contrabass, cello, violins or oboe.

Guitars/Vocals: Igor "HalfBlack" Kadir
Bass: Broom "Stick" Bass
Drums: Izzy D. Rummer
Violins etc.: Miroslav "Phil" Harmonic
Synths: C-Trus